Idem Translations Names Nancy Kellen as New Chief Operating Officer

Idem Translations, Inc. is thrilled to announce the promotion of Nancy Kellen to the role of Chief Operating Officer, effective immediately.

Idem Names Nancy Kellen as New Chief Operating Officer

Idem Translations, Inc. is thrilled to announce the promotion of Nancy Kellen to the role of Chief Operating Officer, effective immediately. Ms. Kellen will continue to report to Mariam Nayiny, President and CEO.

“Nancy embodies the Idem ethos,” says Mariam Nayiny, Idem’s founder “Having been an integral member of our team for the past fourteen years, she has an understanding of our clients’ needs that is both broad and deep. I can think of no one better suited to be Idem’s COO at this juncture in our company’s strong trajectory, and I look forward to the skills and tenacity that she will bring to the role.”

Since 2008, Ms. Kellen has led Idem’s sales and client services departments, regularly representing the company at industry events and playing a pivotal role in planning the company’s sales and marketing strategy. More recently, she has taken on additional operational responsibilities to ensure that the customer experience at Idem is seamless from initial quote request through each step of the company’s triple-certified quality process for medical translations.

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COVID-19 | We Are Operational!

We want to reassure you that our level of service will remain unchanged during this period and that you have one less challenge to worry about. Idem is a hybrid company that has physical offices in Palo Alto, California, as well as a fully comprehensive virtual working platform that mirrors our physical operation. The current circumstances have resulted in our switching from brick-and-mortar to virtual operations. As logistical challenges arise across our global network, we will continue to make every effort to minimize their impact on your translations.

Please stay safe and healthy, and don’t hesitate to contact us with your language needs during these trying times. We will continue to be available during usual business hours via e-mail or through our website.

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