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According to independent market research firm Common Sense Advisory, there are currently 18,000+ language service providers around the globe, each grabbing its share of the $43b pie worldwide. This market is very broad, covering everything from tech to automotive, aerospace to financial. Life sciences has long remained a special niche, with few providers willing to build a robust quality system that can ensure the consistency and traceability demanded in this highly regulated field.

The last few years have seen considerable consolidation in the translation world as industry megaliths grow by acquisition. Many translation agencies specializing in life sciences have been gobbled up and integrated into large corporations. Smaller customers are beginning to feel the disconnect — with slower turnarounds, decreasing quality, and low responsiveness — as these large vendors overlook their needs and focus on winning profit-heavy, multinational accounts. Rigorous, multi-step processes that were designed and validated to meet the specific needs of medical clientele now share a house with breakneck translations that undergo minimal quality control.

We believe that our clients receive the best quality from a fully integrated and independent quality management system designed just for their industry. We believe that our clients receive the best value when they pay only for qualified, professional translators and quality assurance, not for bureaucracy or costly marketing campaigns. We believe that our clients receive the best service from knowledgeable project managers who consistently seek the safest and most economical workflow for each project.

At Idem, our commitment to quality covers every single project we deliver.