Support sponsors with translations

Extend your reach

Your medical device and pharmaceutical sponsors need a broad range of services for a successful clinical trial. So you need a partner.

We operate as an extension of your in-house team to provide translations for:

  • protocols
  • clinical trial agreements
  • investigator brochures
  • informed consents
  • case report forms
  • patient questionnaires
  • adverse event and adverse reaction reports
  • study correspondence
  • labeling.

Act swiftly

We know that time is of the essence in your communications with your study sponsor. With project managers and translators working around the globe, we ensure that time sensitive materials are ready for your review with zero delay. But then you have to invoice the pass-through costs, right? Don’t stress: our monthly invoices are sorted by sponsor and study.

Be consistent

What’s more, we understand the frustration of maintaining consistent terminology throughout the course of a clinical trial. That’s why our translators and project managers work with:

  • best-in-industry translation technologies
  • up-to-date glossaries
  • back translation and reconciliation processes.

Because when the regulatory reviewers are happy, your sponsor is happy and you’re happy.

So we’re happy.