You need quality translations.

How can you tell the difference?

The word “Quality” is overused and under-defined. For buyers of translation services, distinguishing one “quality” translation provider from another can be difficult. We define quality as: qualification, consistency, and metrics.

People are the foundation of good service. For us, this means professional translators with the appropriate background, training, and experience. We recruit highly qualified translators, treat them with respect, and maintain an open dialogue by continuously evaluating how well their work satisfies the expectations of our team and our customers.

Since 2003, we have been running an ISO 9001-certified quality management system. (We added ISO 13485 and EN 15038, the predecessor to ISO 17100, in 2012.) These standards are more than just a pretty certificate to hang on our wall; they are a commitment to building repeatable processes to manage risk and a promise, if something does go wrong, to finding a long-term solution.

We love data. Whether it is on-time delivery stats, return rate, or client satisfaction scores, we are monitoring our performance on each project to see what we can do better. Every year, we raise our yardstick a little higher, inching toward 100%.

The translation industry has all kinds of fancy, quantitative tools for measuring quality. While we use these on the project level, we believe that quality is fundamentally an organizational value. Let us put our values to work for your team.